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The best online mechanic at E3 is in an indie game for the Switch

Killer Queen Black will start a new genre of online streaming

Killer Queen started as an arcade cabinet, and gained a cult following for its deceptively complex mechanics. With 10 players and three ways to win, the game is hectic, challenging, and smooth as hell. The game feels great to play, which is why it has managed to develop a strong competitive audience despite the fact that it is only available to play in a few dozen locations across the United States.

With the E3 Nintendo Direct announcement of Killer Queen Black coming to Switch, the game becomes infinitely more available. It also become infinitely more watchable, thanks to an ingenious mechanic.

Most games are played with the gold and blue teams, but there will be one singular black team in the ranks, which will keep its title, so long as it is never defeated. Whoever manages to kill the black team then becomes the new black team and so on and so forth. But the honor also comes with a unique opportunity:

The black team’s matches will constantly be streamed online.

The developers behind Killer Queen Black will be setting up a dedicated channel on a streaming service (most likely Twitch) that will broadcast whatever the black team is playing. So although the title stays the same, the players on the team will change.

With a swift turnaround and constantly shifting black team, you are almost guaranteed high-level gameplay (with a few surprising and entertaining flukes, I’m sure). This will give people a way to get into the game quickly, while also promoting lesser known skilled players. There might be better teams and better players elsewhere on Twitch at any given moment, but the black team will be a mythical reward to keep players striving.

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