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Fortnite’s E3 swag is already going for big bucks online

Exclusive Fortnite emotes are a big deal, it turns out

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Epic Games gave away a variety of items during its live Celebrity Pro-Am and party at E3, and those goodie bags included codes for 2,500 V-bucks — the game’s virtual currency — and an in-game spray that is exclusive to E3.

It should go without saying that these items are already being sold for large amounts of real cash on the secondary market.

Different combinations of the free items are being offered for around $100 to $300, and multiple listings have sold for that price range. The exclusive spray The exclusive spray is an image of the game’s llama; you can see it on the card in the image at the top of this post. It seems to be the item that most people are interested in, although the more items from the swag bag that are included with the auction, the more bidders seem willing to pay.

Epic’s free giveaways from E3 are a hot item on Ebay
eBay via Polygon

The price for 2,500 V-bucks is $24.99 on the platform of your choice, although buying them virtually gets you 300 bonus V-bucks. That gives us a good idea of how much players are valuing the custom spray on top of the more fixed cash value of the V-bucks included with many of these auctions.

Exclusive virtual items like this have long been offered during events — Riot is a big fan of offering exclusive League of Legends skins for PAX, for instance — so this explosion of value on the secondary market can’t be a surprise to Epic Games. It’s also possible that the spray could be offered in the Fortnite store after E3 2018 is over, which makes spending this much for the item something of a crapshoot.

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