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Rick and Morty co-creator really, really wants a new 3D Castlevania game on the 3DS

And new Metroid 3DS games, too

Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland is immensely proud of his Nintendo collection — from owning every single limited-edition DS, 3DS and 2DS console to multiple Game Boy Micro consoles he still uses to play Advance games.

Roiland started talking about Nintendo because we asked him if he was excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, arguably the most popular game at E3 this year. Smash Bros. isn’t really his game, Roiland sheepishly admitted, joking that he never got the hang of it when playing with friends. Smash Bros. also isn’t the game he wants to talk about, either. All Roiland really wants to know is when we’ll get another proper 3D Castlevania game for the 3DS, one of his all-time favorite consoles (the Game Boy Advance is another favorite).

“I miss the old Castlevania games,” Roiland said, sitting on the floor in front of a giant television where his new game, Trevor Saves the Universe, is available as a demo. “Please, please will somebody make that game. Those games were some of the best ever. They’re so good. It‘s heartbreaking. I don’t think they ever did a second 3D Castlevania. The last one was amazing and that was it. No more. Game over. Now it’s like, ‘You can do 3D again or go 2.5 like they did with Metroid,’ but man, it’s such a bummer.”

Roiland’s knowledge of Nintendo consoles, and just about any game available to play on said consoles, is impressive. It’s almost as impressive as his collection, which Roiland started listing off boastfully as we talk.

“I’m a massive Nintendo fan. Like hardware; I’m a collector,” Roiland said. “I have all the limited edition 3DS-es. I have the Animal Crossing one sealed, the Pikachu one sealed. I’m a major collector. I have every system they ever put out. I have a couple of Micros that are mint. I use them! I play Advance games on them. They’re incredible. The Advance is maybe one of the best consoles ever made. I’ve maybe spent more time on that than almost any other console, but I love the fucking GameCube.”

His enthusiasm for each game comes through, too, but like most fans, he’s always thinking of what else Nintendo could do in the future. For Roiland, more limited-edition consoles would be nice (he said he recently picked up the Pokèball 2DS and loves it), but there’s one major, gaping hole in his heart that he desperately wants Nintendo to fix: Metroid on the 3DS.

“I want more Metroid,” Roiland said. “I’m sad we only got one 3D Metroid game. ‘Cause it feels like the 3DS is sort of done, they’re not really making 3D games anymore. I always played my games with 3D all the way on, and I might be in the minority for that, but that Metroid game was a gift from the heavens. I’m such a fan of classic side-scrolling Metroid, and I’ve been waiting for a Metroid game on the 3DS. We got the announcement of Metroid: Samus Returns, and I was like, ‘Oh.’ I shouldn’t be complaining, we got at least one, but I was hoping that we’d get a couple, or three of four.”

Roiland’s love for Nintendo isn’t too surprising — he’s talked about it in the past, and he even incorporated a great 3DS joke in Rick and Morty’s second season — but clearly Roiland has ideas for the 3DS’ future. Now, as a game designer with his own studio (Squanch Games) the question is whether Roiland will ever develop a 3DS game of his own.

For now, his new game, Trevor Saves the Universe, will remain on the PlayStation 4.

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