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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is making some big changes

If you’re expecting more of the same from Fates and Awakening, think again

Russ Frushtick is the director of special projects, and he has been covering the world of video games and technology for over 15 years. He co-founded Polygon in 2012.

Way back in January of 2017, Nintendo revealed that they were working on a brand new Fire Emblem game on Switch. After 18 months of radio silence, an E3 trailer has been dropped, and it contains a heck of a lot of interesting details about the game we now know as Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

One might assume that the next Fire Emblem game will carry forward a lot of the mechanics introduced in Awakening and Fates, but Three Houses seems to be pulling more from Fire Emblem Echoes, a remake of one of the earliest games in the series.

I took a deep dive into some of the mechanics introduced during Nintendo’s E3 trailer for the game, so if you’re wondering what you can expect, give it a watch up top.

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