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My Hero One’s Justice has anime spoilers in the gameplay

But uh, the game is good

I know, I know, I should have watched My Hero Academia already. But after playing the E3 2018 demo, I’m glad I’ve held off — for now.

The gameplay contains massive spoilers about the quirk, or superpower, of one of the show’s characters. Even if I had been caught up on the show, I would have had a twist spoiled by the demo — something our YouTube followers were kindly quick to note! But since I’m not up-to-date, it doesn’t mean much to me. Finally, my laziness wins the day!

To be fair to the game, this information is already known in the manga, but as usual the anime is a bit behind. This is all to say, be wary of checking out gameplay for My Hero One’s Justice if you’re only watching the anime and spoiler-averse.

But be optimistic about the game itself, because it’s fun as hell, and you don’t need to know a dang thing about My Hero Academia to enjoy it. The demo I was shown had nine characters to choose from, out of the twenty who will be in the final game. In every match we chose a main character, along with two sidekicks who could be called for support. They’re all quite wonderful, even without the context of the show or manga.

It’s a very fast game, but didn’t feel alienating the way that Super Smash Bros. can for inexperienced players. Of all the games that I played at E3, My Hero One’s Justice is one that I can point to and say unequivocally, “that was incredibly fun.”

But just be careful about those spoilers.

My Hero One’s Justice will come out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this year.

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