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Pistol Whip is a VR game that mixes Beat Saber with John Wick

Time to destroy your enemies in style, and in VR

Cloudhead Games announced a new VR game at E3 this year, and the upcoming Pistol Whip mixes the sort of rhythmic play of games like Beat Saber with the more creative gunplay of games like Superhot VR, creating a mixture of all these influences that reportedly makes you feel like John Wick when everything comes together.

You can watch the first trailer for the game above, and it does a great job of explaining what the game is and what Cloudhead is trying to do with the feel of the experience. And it does seem to be all about the feel of moving forward in a relentless path, destroying anyone that stands in your way.

The game is scheduled to be out in 2019, and is coming to the “major” virtual reality platforms, although that claim asks a few more questions than it answers. But Pistol Whip is the rare thing in VR gaming: a release that seems to build on the good ideas that came before it while putting its own spin on what those releases did well.

Personally? I’m just hoping the game is going to come to the Oculus Quest.

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