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Midnight Ghost Hunt pits you against a squad of ghost hunters

I love lamp ... but I also fear lamp

Midnight Ghost Hunt was shown off at the PC Gaming Show by developer Mellowsoft, and it looks like a fantastic title for fans of asymmetric multiplayer. Sam Malone, the creative director and one-man team behind Midnight Ghost Hunt, explained the title.

The trailer shows the ghost hiding as objects like a lamp and a chair, staying safe from hazmat suit wearing ghost hunters. These Ghostbuster-esque characters have powerful ghost-hunting tools and trackers, so the ghost has to stay on the move. Staying in one lamp is a good way to get caught.

Once the clock strikes midnight, the ghost turns the tables on the hunters. In the trailer, the ghost took on the role of a suit of armor. Even a chair can be used to knock a ghost hunter out and buy some time against a now smaller group of hunters.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is one of the most unique looking titles shown at E3 2019 so far. The original basis of the game was a Gary’s Mod product called Prop Hunt, but Coffee Stain Games has picked up the game and it will be entering alpha this summer.

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