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For Honor’s newest limited-time event is now live

Shadows of the Hitokiri runs to June 27

For Honor keeps chugging along with new content, this time delivering a limited time event called Shadows of the Hitokiri, which runs until June 27 on all platforms.

According to For Honor’s official website, Soul Rush is the new game mode and it will pit fighters from the Viking and Samurai factions in a kill/collection type setup. Players have a stock of souls, which they can lose if they are killed (with some transferring to the player executing them). Players can stash their stored souls in designated points on the battlefield; first team to 1,000 points wins. The official website has more on Soul Rush.

Canonically, the factions appear to fall under the spell of an otherworldly, soul-stealing samurai who stalks them in the spooky village that serves as the new map (called “Canopy”). Shadows of the Hitokiri is named for the warrior who joined the Samurai faction earlier this year.

New outfits, emotes and other content are also part of the event, which goes to June 27 at 9 a.m. EDT.

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