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Hooray: Isabelle will be in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Fact: she is the best


When Animal Crossing: New Leaf introduced a golden Shih Tzu named Isabelle to the cast, she immediately became a huge hit among Nintendo fans. And why not? Isabelle is the closest thing we have to a digital Leslie Knope; a cute, kind-hearted soul who just wants to make things better for everyone.

Isabelle became such a fixture that she eventually ended up as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But with a new Animal Crossing game in development, some fans might wonder if they have to say goodbye to one of their favorite characters in the franchise. Well, good news: Isabelle is here to stay, provided you play your cards right in New Horizons.

Polygon managing editor Chelsea Stark got a chance to chat with New Horizons director Aya Kyogoku at E3 this week, and as she explains it, there is a chance you could see Isabelle in the new game.

“At first on the deserted island, you have Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy, and a few other animals that have moved to the island through Getaway Package with you,” Kyogoku says. As you play, you can increase the population on the island, and it starts resembling more of a village.

“Depending on the population, the development level of the island will change, so you may start to see more new characters added to the island,” Kyogoku says. While many creatures will be included in the overall list, a familiar face may also join the roster.

“We want you to look forward to what kind of characters you’ll be encountering as you play through the game,” Kyogoku says. “But one thing that I could definitely say about Isabelle is that as the island develops a little more and it needs a little bit more support then Isabelle might see some sort of use on the island.”

There you have it. No need to pray in front of a pentagram full of amiibo cards with an Isabelle figurine in the center. You might not be her mayor anymore, but Isabelle is still down to help you out, because she’s amazing like that.

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