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Halo Infinite is a Project Scarlett launch game

Master Chief is back

Today’s Xbox E3 2019 presentation brought with it a taste of what we can expect from Master Chief’s big new adventure, which is being developed as a launch title for their next generation console, Project Scarlett. As the name implies, Halo infinite is more of a large-scale take on Microsoft’s storied shooter. It will be out in holiday 2020, Microsoft announced today.

Halo Infinite is being developed by 343 Industries in the Slipspace Engine — the footage we saw today was all in-engine. According to Brian Jarrard and Dan Chosich from 343 Industries, the tone that the developer is going for is “hope.” Halo Infinite is aiming to have more heroism and mystery, the idea that a “living world [is] at your fingertips.” Or, put in less vague terms, the team is trying to nail the sense of exploration that the original Halo: Combat Evolved provided players. Infinite takes place after Master Chief has been asleep for a while, and his forces have already lost the war.

Project Scarlett is said to be “four times” more powerful than the Xbox One X.

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