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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a colorful battle royale with a twist

It looks lighthearted, but those guys are definitely still dying

Developer Digital is bringing a battle royale game with a colorful twist. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout pits 100 players against each other, but they’re not killing each other. The environment and obstacles in the arena are killing them.

People will play as these little colorful blob-like guys, and waddle along the game’s obstacle courses, trying their best not to get knocked off and die. The map will keep throwing obstacles at the players until only one survives.

This game looks like it brings the difficult, sweat-inducing platforming levels from Super Mario Sunshine and forces you to try to survive among 99 others as you flail and jump for your life. Suffering through one level looks rage-inducing; playing with friends and trying to outlast them sounds like a fun and chaotic time.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout releases in 2020 for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

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