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Dying Light 2’s E3 trailer focuses on the story

Choices matter for hero Aiden Caldwell

Techland has been somewhat mum about their parkour-meets-zombies franchise for a while, but Microsoft’s E3 press conference broke the silence. Today’s big reveal focused on Dying Light 2’s story, which follows the protagonist Aiden Caldwell and the various factions he’s likely to encounter during the events of the game.

Partially penned by RPG veteran Chris Avellone, Dying Light 2 is a choice-driven game where your actions have consequences that ripple throughout the city. Missions will have multiple ways to complete the objective, and these decisions affect the way that the city in the game develops. Every faction has a benefit — but also drawbacks that you’ll have to carefully consider. And, as the name implies, there’s a big emphasis on the time: During the daytime you’ll be juggling the needs and wants of humans, but during the nighttime you’ll have to worry more about those pesky zombies.

Dying Light 2 comes out in spring 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows.