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Minecraft Dungeons out in spring 2020

Microsoft’s blocky take on Diablo

Microsoft’s E3 presentation today gave us a new trailer for Minecraft Dungeons, which will be a dungeon-crawling game where players will be able to team up with friends to take on new challenges.

The trailer showcased a variety of locales, from forests to lava-filled castles. We also saw a bunch of enemy hordes that players will take down in the search for loot. Players will accordingly be able to equip all sorts of weapons and armor, and will have levels, enchantments, and various stats to boot. In addition to standard weapons like hammers, fans will also be able to use magic. There will also be a wide variety of customization options to help players personalize their characters. Overall, the game seems to be way more action-oriented than the base Minecraft experience, but unlike Diablo, it will have more of a family-friendly appeal.

Minecraft Dungeons will be out in spring 2020 for PC, consoles, and Xbox Game Pass.

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