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Wasteland 3 shows a new trailer at E3, heads to Colorado

I hope you like clowns and snow!

inXile Entertainment / Microsoft Studios

Wasteland 3 developer inXile Entertainment was purchased by Microsoft, and so it’s not a surprise that we saw a new trailer for the title at Microsoft’s E3 presentation. While Wasteland 2 was dry and arid, Wasteland 3 is heading to a new state. The trailer showed a post-apocalyptic Wasteland in Colorado, as well as some of the characters and enemies that we’ll meet along the way.

Colorado is significantly more snowy than the previous regions of the game, and we also see some pretty big robots and hidden threats. The previous titles focused on the adventures of Arizona and Texas Desert Rangers. The announcement trailer for Wasteland 3 saw a desert ranger hat being swept away in the snow. Here, we have a drunken man show us our first shots of this new state. We didn’t get much in the way of plot, but this title should follow its predecessors in allowing the player to make choices, build a character, and explore branching narrative paths. We also saw glimpses of the grid-based combat from other Wasteland titles, confirming the combat will retain that same structure.

There is no release date for Wasteland 3 as of yet. Wasteland 3 was originally funded through the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Fig in 2016, after the success of Wasteland 2.

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