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Keanu Reeves has already stolen E3, and we’re fine with it

Keanu is perfect, according to the internet

Keanu Reeves provided one of the best surprises of this year’s E3 — I don’t care if E3 hasn’t even begun yet, it’s going to be one of the best surprises — by showing up to help promote Cyberpunk 2077. The best part is that it looked like he was having fun up there, even though all he had to do was say the somewhat awkward dialogue coming from the teleprompter.

He just couldn’t contain his joy, and the crowd refused to contain their own joy at seeing him. It was an orgy of positive feelings. Even the person who heckled Reeves by yelling “you’re breathtaking!” was given a free copy of the game.

Ask yourself: Has anyone said the words “cyberpunk” with more feeling than Keanu Reeves?

It helps that he’s playing franchise character “Johnny Silverhand,” who is a “legendary rockerboy.”

I don’t have much else to add here, nor do I want us to take a breath and look at this situation from another angle. I just want us to all enjoy this one thing together before we get back to arguing about whatever we’re going to argue about tomorrow.

Keanu Reeves makes everything better, even E3.