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Doom Eternal includes 2-against-1 multiplayer ‘Battlemode’

The demons will team up to kill the slayer

Bethesda announced more details about the multiplayer options of Doom Eternal during its press conference at E3 2019. Called Battlemode, the multiplayer involves one “fully loaded” slayer going up against two demons in a battle of “strategy vs. skill,” according to the trailer.

You can take a look at the mode in the video above.

Battlemode is a marked shift from the sort of traditional deathmatch that the original Doom helped to originally popularize in the first-person shooter genre. The fact that it was stressed that these muliplayer options were developed “in house” may be a response to the poorly received outsourced multiplayer in 2016’s Doom release.

id Software had hinted about the existence of Battlemode in 2018, in fact.

“We are working on a PvP component. It is new,” Doom Eternal game director Marty Stratton told Polygon in an interview at QuakeCon last year. “It’s not an extension of what we did last time. So it’s new. It is something we’re developing internally, which we didn’t do last time. I think players are gonna really enjoy it.”

We also know that Doom Eternal will include multiplayer options that allow you to “invade” the game of other players to attack them, although you’ll also have the option of turning that option off.

Doom Eternal will be released on November 22, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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