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Don’t adjust your Xbox: Microsoft changes game cases again

Still green, though

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lineup showing how Xbox game case labeling has changed in 2021. Three new cases at left, with an older one at far right. Image: Reddit

Microsoft is, apparently, changing the game cases for Xbox titles. Box art seen at Best Buy and other retailers more prominently calls out the compatible platforms while eschewing the embossed Xbox logo that fronted game cases since the launch of Xbox One.

It’s a subtle change and, considering how many full copy sales of video games take place online today, one that some may not notice for a while. It also seems necessary considering Microsoft is supporting two consoles and, the Xbox Series X’s backward compatibility notwithstanding, some games are in fact Series X only.

Microsoft has long aspired to unify its video games presence under a single brand, but it still can’t quite seal the deal. Xbox games are sold on The Microsoft Store, for example, while PC subscribers peruse the Xbox Game Pass for PC library. And let us never speak of Games for Widows Live, which Microsoft needed two years to finally shut down.

Bottom line to you, the consumer: Not much, really. The design change probably means Microsoft saves a few cents stamping the Xbox logo on the top. We now return you to your regularly scheduled E3.

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