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Fallout 76’s post-Brotherhood updates take us to post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh

More Brotherhood, more battles, new locations

Sunday’s E3 showcase by Bethesda and Xbox showed off new content coming to Fallout 76, including a new chapter that tells the story of a civil war between the Brotherhood of Steel factions. The groundwork for this was laid with the Steel Dawn update, and the story will conclude with Steel Reign on July 7. We also got a sneak peek at The Pitt, a location from the Fallout 3 DLC. That update will come in 2022 as part of a new system called Expeditions.

In recent updates, Fallout 76 has navigated towards more narrative content, in line with the rest of the RPG series. In April 2020, the Wastelanders expansion launched, adding NPCs and quest hubs to the wasteland of Appalachia. Wastelanders was followed up by a Brotherhood of Steel storyline that played out in two parts, Steel Dawn and Steel Reign.

The recent Locked & Loaded update also added customization to the game. Players can have specialization loadouts, switching between builds on the fly while out in the world. There are also multiple CAMP slots, so players can swap between a cozy home to a fully kitted-out armory to suit their mood.

More content is coming according to the 2021 roadmap, which includes the ability to obtain pets this winter. The game’s battle royale mode, Nuclear Winter, will be retired this September.

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