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Watch Dogs: Legion’s first premium expansion, Bloodline, launches in July

Season Pass owners can add Aiden Pearce and Wrench to their DedSec cells

Watch Dogs: Legion — Bloodline, the story expansion for those who bought the game’s premium season pass, will launch July 6, Ubisoft said on Saturday. The story brings back Aiden Pearce from the first Watch Dogs and Wrench from the second as playable characters.

Pearce, according to Ubisoft’s news release, has come to London to reconnect with his nephew, Jackson. He’s supposed to infiltrate a Broca Tech lab and steal some cutting edge technology — but Wrench gets the device first and flees. With his job botched, Pearce and his nephew are now on the lam from those who hired him.

Ubisoft’s statement says Bloodline is a prequel to the main campaign of Watch Dogs: Legion. It will also offer several side quests for both characters to complete.

Watch Dogs: Legion — Bloodline is available a la carte for $14.99 to those without the Season Pass. The Season Pass, $29.99 if you didn’t get it with one of two premium editions in the game’s October 2020 launch, lets players add Aiden Pearce and Wrench to their DedSec Resistance club, whether in the single-player tour or the multiplayer Watch Dogs: Legion Online mode that launched in March.

Watch Dogs: Legion launched Oct. 29 for Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, with versions for Amazon’s Luna service, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X added later.

Post-launch content, both free and premium, was delayed both by development challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and other glitches and fixes necessary in the main game. The first piece of premium Season Pass content, which launched in early May, included a new mission for the single-player campaign and special playable operative. On June 1, Ubisoft Toronto released a new, free mode for the PC version of the game, Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead, which pits online players against a zombie horde.

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