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Riders Republic gets its own Destiny Tower and a September release

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Ubisoft offers a deep dive for its upcoming sports title

Riders Republic, Ubisoft’s all-the-extreme-sports game, got a new deep dive trailer during Ubisoft’s E3 2021 livestream. After a delay earlier this year, Ubisoft will launch Riders Republic on Sept. 2. The studio revealed new game modes and the Rider’s Ridge, an interactive menu and social space a la Destiny’s Tower.

The trailer showed off a new game mode called Tricks Battle where players can change the colors of grind rails and ramps by doing tricks on them. Grinding on all the rails in an area will capture the district for your team, and doing tricks will contribute to your team’s overall score.

Ubisoft also gave players a look at first-person mountain biking, snowboarding around parks, and gliding between mountains with a rocket-powered jetpack. There are races across all of these sports, including rocket-powered pedal bikes to go with your new jetpack.

Riders Republic will launch on Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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