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Psychonauts 2 finally gets a release date

After facing multiple delays, we now know when it’ll come out

Pyschonauts 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the cult hit from Double Fine Productions, is coming out on Aug. 25, according to the Xbox press conference at E3 on Sunday. The game will come to Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. It will also come to Xbox Game Pass on release day.

A news release from Xbox also said that the game will still be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (with backward compatibility). It will also come to Mac OS and Linux at some point in the future.

Double Fine Productions debuted a brand-new trailer featuring new scenes from the game during the press conference as well. In Psychonauts 2 you’ll play as Razputin  Aquato (known as Raz), an acrobat and young psychic who has accomplished his dream of joining the psychic espionage organization known as the Psychonauts. In the game, Raz does his best to use to his powers to bring back the psychic villain, Maligula, from the dead.

The sequel was first announced at the 2015 Game Awards as a crowdfunding campaign where it went on to reach its $3 million dollar goal.

The first playable piece of Psychonauts 2 came out way back in October of 2017. Since then, the game has been delayed by the studio multiple times. A gameplay trailer from E3 2019 gave us a look at the protagonist Raz on the job. However, in 2019, Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine, told donors to the project that the game would be delayed and would come out at some point in 2020.

That didn’t happen, but now fans finally know when they’ll be able to experience the game for the first time.

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