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Contraband is the latest game from the makers of Just Cause

Here’s the trailer for the new co-op, open-world game from Avalanche Studios

Avalanche Studios announced its newest game, Contraband, at Xbox’s E3 2021 livestream. It’s the latest title from the developer best known for the Just Cause series. The trailer page describes it as a co-op, open-world game set in a fictional version of the 1970s. Avalanche Studios and Xbox Game Studios will launch it on Xbox Series X and Windows PC. Game Pass players can play Contraband for free on launch day.

When the trailer opens, we see some ’70s technology scattered around tables. Then the video pans over to a table with a heist map depicting the “Sun River Job.” The treasure seems to be a private safe in the shape of a red, stylish box. Retrieval involves some sort of heist.

Later in the trailer, we see a broken-down jeep covered in mud, and a crew member trying to fix it. On top of the jeep, there’s the safe we saw earlier, suggesting the “Sun River Job” was a success.

Avalanche Studios didn’t offer a release window for Contraband.

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