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Shredders is a new snowboarding game heading exclusively to Xbox consoles

Hit the slopes

Xbox Series X players can head to snowy mountaintops for some sick tricks with Shredders, an upcoming snowboarding game from publisher FoamPunch and co-developers I-Illusions and Let It Roll. The new game was announced during Microsoft’s E3 presentation on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t include a lot of details, but it did include some gorgeous vistas and beautiful snowboarding. Players tore their way down mountains that looked like they’d never seen another person, as well as crowded slopes and carefully curated tracks that included ramps and rails.

There also seemed to be a few power-ups floating in the air, which suggests that the game might include some kind of scoring system to help you keep track of your best tricks. But because the trailer didn’t include any kind of HUD or menus, it’s difficult to say for sure what systems it might include. The trailer also kicked off with someone shooting a video of some tricks, so it seems like social media will also be a feature in the game.

Shredders is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Series X, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. As for the actual release date, the trailer says that FoamPunch has “a good feeling about December 2021.”

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