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Elden Ring guide: Keepsakes

Choose a gift to get you started

Elden Ring guide: Keepsakes Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In this Elden Ring keepsakes guide, we’ll help you choose a keepsake gift during character creation with descriptions of each keepsake and recommendations for the best one(s).

Elden Ring’s keepsakes are an item you choose during character creation. They can give you a little help early in the game.

Elden Ring keepsakes

Elden Ring Keepsakes and descriptions

Keepsake Description tl;dr
Keepsake Description tl;dr
None No keepsake. The past has been well and truly left behind. None is exactly what it says on the tin. So you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!
Crimson Amber Medallion A medallion inlaid with reddish amber. Increases maximum HP. Crimson Amber Medallion is an equippable talisman (it’ll be equipped by default) that gives you a boost to your HP.
Lands Between Rune The gold of grace shining in the eyes of the people of the Lands Between. Use to gain many runes. Lands Between Rune is a consumable item that will give you a bunch of runes for leveling up right at the beginning of the game.
Golden Seed A golden seed washed ashore from the Lands Between. Said to reinforce Sacred Flasks. Golden Seed adds a charge to your Sacred Flask (for either healing or FP replenishment).
Fanged Imp Ashes The ashes of small, diminutive golems. Ashes are said to hold spirits within. Fanged Imp Ashes are a type of (temporarily) summonable creature — you’ll get the Spirit Calling Bell in a little bit.
Cracked Pot Three strange cracked pots that somehow mend themselves. A container for certain thrown items. Cracked Pot is a crafting item you’ll need to create throwable weapons like fire pots.
Stonesword Key Two stone keys shaped like swords. Breaks through an Imp’s seal, but shatters in the process. Stonesword Key are a type of key that unlock certain fog doors.
Bewitching Branch Five sacred branches charged with beguiling power. Said to originate from the demigod Miquella. Bewitching Branch will temporarily turn an enemy into an ally.
Boiled Prawn Five boiled crayfish meats. Boosts physical damage negation. Boiled Prawn is a consumable item that grants you a temporary buff to physical defense.
Shabriri’s Woe The crazed likeness of a noble who crushed out their own two eyes. Attracts enemies’ aggression. Shabriri’s Woe is a consumable item that draws the attention (and aggression) of nearby enemies.

Elden Ring’s best keepsake(s)

The keepsake gift you choose during character creation is only temporary — most of them are consumable items that disappear after one use, and only one of them (the Golden Seed) has any lasting effect. That means you’re really only looking for the thing that gives you the most help right at the beginning of the game.

That said, there are three keepsakes that we can recommend.

  • Crimson Amber Medallion. The health you gain from having the Crimson Amber Medallion equipped is a great way to die less.
  • Lands Between Rune is a great way to level up without doing anything.
  • Golden Seeds are rare, so starting the game with an extra charge in your Sacred Flask is a huge help.
  • Stonesword Keys are rare items that open up rare locks. You won’t use them right away (well, to be more accurate, you shouldn’t use this right away at one of the first sites of grace that you find), but having some in your inventory from the beginning makes it less agonizing to use them later.

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