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Elden Ring guide: The best early game staff spell for sorcery

The Meteorite Staff and its pal, Rock Sling

elden ring casting rock sling Image: From Software/Namco Bandai via Polygon
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The Meteorite Staff is Elden Ring’s best staff, certainly in the early game. If you’ve decided to make an Intelligence-focused build in Elden Ring, you’re probably wondering what staff you should be using and upgrading early on. Well, good news, because you can get one of the best Intelligence-scaling staffs in the game very early on, if you’re willing to brave some truly nasty areas.

In this Elden Ring best staff guide, we’ll show you where to find the Meteorite Staff early.

Where to find the Meteorite Staff

The Meteorite Staff can be found in the swamp of Aeonia in the region of Caelid. It is a long ride from where you start Elden Ring, but if you’ve unlocked your horse, it’s absolutely doable to make it there, even at very low levels, by just avoiding combat with anything you come across. Seriously: You’ll get one-shot killed by everything here, so don’t even try it.

Once you make it to the swamp, you’ll want to find the Aeonia Swamp Shore waypoint on the southwestern shore of the swamp. From that waypoint, ride into the swamp and head to the northwest corner of the swamp. There you’ll find this tower:

tower in aeonia swamp in elden ring Image: From Software/Namco Bandai via Polygon

On the back side of the tower is a dead body hanging out of a window. You should be able to skirt around the outside of it and grab the item on the body, the Meteorite Staff:

body with meteorite staff in elden ring Image: From Software/Namco Bandai via Polygon

Why is the Meteorite Staff so good?

meteorite staff in elden ring
Elden Ring’s powerful Meteorite Staff
Image: From Software/Namco Bandai via Polygon

The Meteorite Staff has S-rank scaling with Intelligence and very high Sorcery Scaling, which means that every point you invest in Intelligence, you’ll get more damage than you would with a staff with worse scaling.

Better still, there’s no need to upgrade the Meteorite Staff. It comes fully maxed. (Or at least you actually can’t upgrade it, as far as we can tell, which means it might get outclassed by later-game staffs.)

The Rock Sling spell is right nearby

Don’t leave Aeonia Swamp quite yet! The Meteorite Staff has a passive ability of improving Gravity Spells, which are pretty tough to find. But there’s one very close to where you found the staff.

From the Meteorite Staff tower, head north about 100 feet. You should see the remainder of what looks like a church. Here’s what it looks like from the front:

The location of Elden Ring’s Rock Sling spell
The Rock Sling spell is in this cutch-like building
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Inside you’ll find some steps leading down, with a chest inside. There you’ll find this spell:

Elden Ring rock sling spell Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Rock Sling is one of the best spells we’ve found in Elden Ring. It has insane range and deals physical damage, which most spells don’t. Better still, it’s boosted by your Meteorite Staff. Everybody wins.

Alright, now that you have the good stuff, head back home and don’t come back here until you’re actually leveled for it.

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