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Elden Ring guide: How to find the Finger Reader

Cash in those runes and get armor from this NPC

The Finger Reader in Elden Ring Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon
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Where’s Finger Reader location in Elden Ring? So, you’ve beaten your first demigod-level boss in Elden Ring — likely Godrick the Grafted — and received your first Great Rune and your first Remembrance. Now you have to take that Remembrance to the Finger Reader, who will turn that inventory item into something powerful: a massive weapon or a high-level spell.

But where is the Finger Reader? She’s easy to miss, but you can find her in the Roundtable Hold, a location that unlocks early in Elden Ring. Melina the maiden will transport you there after you rest at a site of grace near Stormveil Castle. Once you unlock Roundtable Hold, you can revisit it any time via fast travel.

The Finger Reader, Enia, resides in her own room, up a small set of stairs. In addition to transmuting Remembrances from demigods into weapons and spells, she also sells armor and weapons from those defeated demigods, as well as other helpful items. Each Remembrance in your possession can be cashed in for one of two items, but there’s a separate trick to duplicating those memories, to acquire all the demigods’ powers.

One more thing: Scattered around the Lands Between are Palm Readers. They look similar to Enia — they’re old crones with hollow eye sockets who rest on tables — but they cannot handle your Remembrances. They’ll simply read your palm (or fingers) and offer some cryptic insight into Elden Ring lore.

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