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Elden Ring guide: Morne Tunnel walkthrough

Find every item, open every treasure chest, beat every enemy and boss

Standing at the entrance to Morne Tunnel in Elden Ring Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

You don’t want to miss Morne Tunnel in Elden Ring if you’re looking for Smithing Stones to upgrade your weapons. This Weeping Peninsula dungeon is full of the stuff (think at least fifteen Stones), and not extremely difficult to complete. If you defeat the Morne Tunnel Boss as well, you can use those Smithing Stones on the powerful Rusted Anchor weapon.

Morne Tunnel location

The entrance to the Morne Tunnel dungeon is way down below at the bottom of the Weeping Peninsula canyon.

Elden Ring’s map, showing the location of Morne Tunnel (circled) in Weeping Peninsula Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

If you follow the path from east to west, you’ll cross a hanging bridge. Go directly left after that, then (carefully!) descend from the cliffs, and then go south until you see the Morne Tunnel entrance. There’s a brazier right next to it.

Morne Tunnel enemies and items

Standing in front of a treasure chest in Elden Ring’s Morne Tunnel Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Go down the lift to find Lost Grace and the Summoning Pool. Continue your way around the corner to find your first Misbegotten enemy: a harpy-like creature that’ll jump up and try to slash you from above. You can easily dodge or cut it down while it’s in the air though. The trick is to be fast, so it doesn’t get the chance to pin you down.

Don’t leave the first room without climbing the higher wooden platform and killing the Miner, as this will get you your first Smithing Stone. Miners are either too busy hacking away at rocks to notice you, or they’ll perform very slow attacks. In other words, you can just cut them down before they’ve got a chance to hit.

After that, go down the corridor next to the sleeping Misbegotten. This will lead you to a room with four other Misbegotten (use ranged attacks if you don’t want to fight them all at once) and a corpse holding Golden Runes.

Your task for now: Keep taking down Miners, and grab those Smithing Stones. Make sure to enter the small wooden shack and loot the corpse (Golden Runes again) as well as the chest (Exhalted Flesh). Also, go behind the shack to find a rare piece of Somber Smithing Stone, and to the right for some Large Glintstone Scrap. Finally, don’t miss out on the Stanching Boluses below the wooden platform.

Once you get to the large open area, take down the Misbegotten harpies first. Although the Miners will initially ignore you, don’t ignore them: Kill them to collect more Smithing Stones. As for the special loot in this area, don’t leave without the Soft Cotton (corpse in cave), Arteria Leave (corpse in the middle), and Somber Smithing Stone (on the wall).

Walk down the corridor to find the Morne Tunnel boss, but don’t forget to grab the third Somber Smithing Stone on your right.

Morne Tunnel boss: Scaly Misbegotten

Compared to other Elden Ring bosses, the Scaly Misbegotten is pretty easy to defeat. This miscreant is very similar to a normal Misbegotten, but equipped with a massive axe. That’s actually great news, as it makes his attacks pretty slow. The best strategy is to let the Scaly Misbegotten initiate an attack, dodge, and land some quick blows.

An Elden Ring screenshot showing Enemy Felled and the Rusted Anchor weapon, which you get for defeating Scaly Misbegotten in Morne Tunnel. Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

When you’re finished with the Scaly Misbegotten, you will receive the Rusted Anchor weapon.

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