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Elden Ring guide: Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

How to get to Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

Standing in Elden Ring’s Raya Lucaria Crystal Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel is a dungeon in Elden Ring’s Liurnia of the Lakes region, where you can find the Miner’s Bell Bearing and assorted smithing materials — including Somber Smithing Stones. In this Elden Ring Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel guide, we’ll show you how to get to Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel, what loot to expect, the enemies you’ll encounter, and how to follow the quickest route to the area boss.

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel location

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel is located southeast from the East Raya Lucaria Gate site of grace. Head east and slightly north from the site to find the edge of some cliffs looking out toward a monstrous moving structure which rings a loud bell as it moves. There are some tablets protruding from the cliff. Descend along them to reach the lower area, then hug the cliffside as you travel left and keep to the edge of the area where the moving structure wanders. Eventually, you’ll come to the cave’s entrance.

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel loot

The single best reason to visit this location is to acquire the Miner’s Bell Bearing, which the Crystalian boss drops when you defeat it at the bottom of the tunnel. Along the way to that confrontation, you can also find the Crystal Knife and the Shatter Earth sorcery. If you need smithing materials, you’ll find plenty of those near where enemies are digging at promising points along the walls.

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel guide

Make sure to bring weapons that are imbued with magic, or that can inflict blood loss, or both. If you have it, the Meteoric Ore Blade is a fantastic choice. (You can obtain it in the Caelid Waypoint Ruins.) Many of your enemies are sitting on the ground or are digging, and a lot of them won’t attack you unless you strike first. Their distracted state means you can often land critical hits from behind and get most of the difficult work out of the way in a hurry. If you have strong magic projectiles, you can also limit your risk.

Walking along a beam in Elden Ring’s Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

From the entrance to the area, ride an elevator to the lower area and head forward along the tunnel to spot wooden platforms leading to the right where a treasure chest holds the Somber Smithing Stone [2]. To the left, the tunnel continues and you arrive at a large, open shaft. To your right, ahead of an elevator shaft, you can optionally cross along a narrow beam and ascend some ledges to find the Somber Smithing Stone [3] resting on a corpse on the highest one.

Return to the elevator shaft. You can either explore tunnels leading slowly downward to collect various Smithing Stones, or you can pull a lever to summon the elevator for a quicker ride to the same destination. Near the base of the elevator shaft, defeat a couple of magic-wielding enemies. Then veer left through an opening to spy a wooden building ahead of you. As you approach that building’s open doorway, a Marionette enemy emerges. Defeat it and then look left, where two more Marionette soldiers dangle from the wall near the next opening. You can shoot them down with projectiles.

Through the opening the two Marionettes guarded, look right to see another opening. There are two more Marionette enemies visible here at ground level. Hit them with magic through the doorway. Then head inside and look back at the wall over the door to spot a third Marionette. With that enemy dispatched, check the chest they were guarding to acquire the powerful Crystal Knife.

Head back out of the door and proceed along the tunnel to arrive at the edge of a wooden platform looking over a group of enemies. The two that are standing guard or patrolling wield powerful glintstone magic, so eliminate them first before finishing up with your more stationary foes. Then check the surrounding area. The tunnel to the left of the platforms contains a corpse you can loot for the Shatter Earth sorcery. Then you should proceed through the tunnel near the base of the wooden steps, which leads to another elevator. Ride the elevator to the area’s lowest reaches and follow the tunnel to reach the area boss.

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel boss: Crystalian

Standing in the room of Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel’s boss, Crystalian. Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

The Crystalian is equipped with powerful crystal armor that prevents your initial attacks from doing much damage, but you want to keep landing them anyway while avoiding its projectile shots. Once you’ve connected with enough hits, you’ll start inflicting real damage with each additional strike, and the fight should conclude in your favor not long after that.

The monster drops the Miner’s Bell Bearing, and then you can leave with your precious loot. Give the item to the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold, and you’ll be able to start buying Smithing Stones from that merchant instead of scrounging around for them all the time.

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