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Elden Ring Kingsrealm Ruins guide

Find the Frozen Needle and battle the Royal Revenant

Elden Ring player standing inside the Kingsrealm Ruins Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Kingsrealm Ruins is a dungeon in Elden Ring’s Liurnia of the Lakes region, where you can find the powerful Frozen Needle sword. In this Elden Ring Kingsrealm Ruins guide, we’ll tell you where to find the dungeon, what loot to expect, and where to find a secret boss.

Kingsrealm Ruins location

Elden Ring player entering Kingsrealm Ruins
Entering Kingsrealm Ruins.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Kingsrealm Ruins is in the northwest portion of the Liurnia of the Lakes region, along the road leading north toward Caria Manor. Head just a short distance south from the Road to the Manor site of grace to reach the northern edge of the ruins.

Kingsrealm Ruins loot

You will find the Frozen Needle in the ruins. It is an impaling sword that causes Frost buildup and can fire charged icy projectiles. The weapon provides ample reason to visit the ruins. You also will find the Rimed Crystal Bud x8 in a small roofless structure, resting on a corpse.

Aristocrats, wolves, and traps

As you arrive at the ruins, you will find it guarded by a plentiful supply of weaker enemies: wolves and aristocrats. There also are sword traps, like in Caria Manor, which look like swords stuck into the brick until you get near and they rise into the air before producing a circular blast of glintstone magic. Clear the enemies out of your way to eliminate distractions, listening for the sound of more foes materializing around you as you explore. The aristocrats carry staffs and use glintstone sorcery, so you must remain alert.

Hidden steps

Once the relevant threats are neutralized, take a closer look at the property. There is a hidden staircase covered by an illusory wall you’ll likely to reveal simply by making a commotion along the floor while battling wolves, traps, or aristocrats. It’s not far from a wide stone archway that you can use as a reference point. The passage descends into a cramped space where you’ll find the familiar yellow mist leading to a boss encounter.

Elden Ring player fighting the Royal Revenant boss inside the Kingsrealm Ruins
Royal Revenant boss fight.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Royal Revenant has numerous arms and breathes vapors that inflict poison. It moves swiftly and can teleport from place to place if the fight lasts long, so you’ll need to roll around a lot and strike quickly when you come within range. Bleed damage is your friend. Make sure to keep healing flasks ready so you can back away and refuel when the need arises.

When you defeat the boss, open the metal door along the far side of the chamber to find a small room where a treasure chest holds the Frozen Needle weapon.

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