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Where to find torn cloth in Enshrouded

Find rags to make some clothes and bandages

Enshrouded player standing on a hill wearing ragged clothes Image: Keen Games via Polygon
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Torn cloth is a resource you’ll need right from the very beginning of Enshrouded. You’ll need it for an important healing item and to craft your first set of armor (well, “armor”).

Our Enshrouded guide will explain where to find torn cloth and what you’ll use torn cloth for.

Where to find torn cloth in Enshrouded

Torn cloth can (basically) only be found in the titular Shroud or at night. Specifically, you’ll collect it as drops from the blue, humanoid enemies called Fell.

Enshrouded player approaching two Fell in the Shroud Image: Keen Games via Polygon

These enemies are basically everywhere in the Shroud, but they do occasionally spawn outside of the Shroud (and outside of your Flame Altar’s influence) at night.

Search the remains of these enemies once you take them out, and you’ll usually find a torn cloth or three.

What to use torn cloth for in Enshrouded

Early on in Enshrouded, you’ll only have a few uses for torn cloth, but they’re important uses.

  • You can make a bandage (1 torn cloth and 1 string made from 3 plant fiber) to heal yourself for 40% of your health over 10 seconds.
  • The ragged shirt, pants, and boots are your first armor set in the game and require a total of 9 torn cloth and 7 string. You can craft these straight from your menu and don’t even need a workbench.
  • Sleeping in a bed at night makes the night pass 60 times faster (in solo play). The first bed you can make is a crude mattress (4 plant fiber, 3 string, and 4 torn cloth).

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