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Where to find metal scraps in Enshrouded

Find metal to make nails, better tools, and armor

Enshrouded player standing over a slain wolf Image: Keen Games via Polygon
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Metal scraps are a resource you’ll need right from the very beginning of Enshrouded. Once you’ve found the Blacksmith and outgrown your rock-and-stick tools and weapons, you’ll want to start making things out of metal.

Our Enshrouded guide will explain where you’ll find metal scraps and what you’ll use the resource for.

Where to find metal scraps in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Rookmore Scavenger settlement location Image: Keen Games via Polygon

Like torn cloth, you’ll only find metal scraps as a drop from enemies. For this resource, you’re looking for the human Scavengers. The settlement of Rookmore northwest of the starting Cinder Vault and straight west of the Braelyn Bridge is a great place to start.

Enshrouded player fighting a Scavenger Image: Keen Games via Polygon

Scavengers aren’t as ubiquitous as Fell (and they don’t randomly spawn at night), so you’ll have to take note of settlements when you find them.

Search the remains of these enemies once you take them out, and you’ll usually find a metal scrap or three.

What to use metal scraps for in Enshrouded

One of the first quests you’ll get in Enshrouded is “Find the Sleeping Survivor” which asks you to find and wake the Blacksmith. Once you craft a summoning staff (1 twig) and place him in your base, you’ll unlock a lot of new crafting options.

Some of the most important include:

  • Scrappy axe (3 string, 4 metal scraps, and 1 shroud wood) and scrappy pickaxe (8 metal scraps and 1 shroud wood). These are the next tier of tool with roughly 50% more damage and durability.
  • Spiked club (4 nails and 4 wood logs) and scrappy sword (1 wood log, 3 metal scraps, and 2 nails). The Blacksmith will turn 1 metal scrap into 2 nails.
  • Fur Armor Set (7 string, 7 torn cloth, 7 animal fur, and 5 metal scraps total) is the next tier of armor.

The Blacksmith also unlocks the charcoal kiln that turns 17 wood logs and 3 dirt (that you get from using a pickaxe literally anywhere on the ground) into 15 charcoal.

With that charcoal in hand, you can make a forge (30 stone, 10 metal scraps, 10 charcoal, 12 wood logs). Forges turn metal scraps and charcoal into metal sheets. And those become things like the Rising Fighter shield (6 string, 5 metal sheets, and 2 wood logs) and the Rising Fighter armor set (a total of 9 metal sheets, 12 animal fur, 8 resin, and 12 string).

For more Enshrouded guides, learn where to find salt, where to find torn cloth, and how to make metal sheets.

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