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How to make metal sheets in Enshrouded

Find the Blacksmith and build a Forge

Enshrouded player in a base standing in front of the Blacksmith Image: Keen Games via Polygon
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Metal sheets are a resource you’ll need early Enshrouded. Once you’ve found the Blacksmith and outgrown your rock-and-stick tools and weapons, you’ll want to start making even better things out of metal.

Our Enshrouded guide will explain how to make metal sheets from metal scraps, dirt, and wood logs and what you’ll use the resource for.

Where to find the Blacksmith in Enshrouded

Before you can do anything with metal (either metal scraps or metal sheets) in Enshrouded, you’ll need to find and awaken the Blacksmith as part of the “Find the Sleeping Survivor” quest.

Enshrouded map showing the location of the Ancient Vault — Blacksmith Image: Keen Games via Polygon

You’ll find him in the Ancient Vault — Blacksmith a bit north-northwest of the Cinder Vault just a little south-southwest of the Ancient Spire — Springlands Fast Travel.

Once you place him at your base with a summoning staff (1 twig), you’ll be able to interact with him and start making metal gear and a couple new workbenches: a charcoal kiln (20 stone) and a forge (30 stone, 10 metal scraps, 10 charcoal, and 12 wood logs). Charcoal kilns turn 17 wood logs and 3 dirt (that you get from using a pickaxe literally anywhere on the ground) into 15 charcoal.

The forge will turn 2 charcoal and 2 metal scraps into 1 metal sheet.

What to use metal sheets for in Enshrouded

At this point in the game, metal sheets will mostly be used for armor and shields. The Blacksmith can make you the Rising Fighter shield (6 string, 6 metal sheets, and 2 wood logs) and the Rising Fighter Set (a total of 9 metal sheets, 12 animal fur, 10 resin, 12 string).

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