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Where to find salt in Enshrouded

Make dried fur and expand your inventory at the Hunter

Enshrouded character with a pickaxe next to a salt deposit Image: Keen Games via Polygon
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Salt is a resource you’ll need in Enshrouded after you’ve found the Hunter. Once you’ve found her, she’ll unlock a new workbench that lets you make better armor — and an inventory space upgrade — with salt.

Our Enshrouded guide will explain where to find salt and what you’ll use the resource for.

Where to find the Hunter in Enshrouded

Before you can do anything with salt in Enshrouded, you’ll need to find and awaken the Hunter as part of the “Hunter Becomes The Hunted” quest.

Enshrouded Hunter location Image: Keen Games via Polygon

You’ll find her in the aptly named Ancient Vault — Hunter a good way northeast of the Cinder Vault and east of the Ancient Spire — Springlands Fast Travel tower

Once you place her at your base with a summoning staff (1 twig), you’ll be able to interact with her and start making new gear and a new new workbench, the drying rack.

How to prepare for the Shroud

With the Hunter placed, you’ll get a new quest called “Salt Mine Location” that, brace yourself, shows you the location of a salt mine. Specifically, the Egerton Salt Mines west-northwest of the Ancient Spire — Springlands Fast Travel tower.

Enshrouded salt mine location Image: Keen Games via Polygon

The mine, however, is in the Shroud and it’s a little hard to get in and out of within the Shroud’s time limit, so you should do a little preparation first.

  • The Inner Fires skill increases your Shroud Time by two minutes. You’ll find it on a branch off of the Survivor skill path.
  • Strengthen the Flame of your base’s flame altar to level 2 with 5 resin, 5 red mushrooms, 5 bones, 5 Shroud liquid gathered from ball-like plants in the Shroud, 1 spark from a Flame Shrine (there’s one right next to the Blacksmith’s Ancient Vault), and 5 animal fur. This will increase your Shroud Time by one minute.
  • If you haven’t yet, make a grappling hook (4 metal scraps, 7 string, and 10 Shroud spores) at a workbench. It won’t increase your time in the Shroud, but it’ll make getting out of the salt mine easier.

Where to find salt in Enshrouded

Head to the Egerton Salt Mines marked on your map. You’ll have to trudge through the Shroud and fight off a lot of bugs and Fell to get there.

Enshrouded character mining a salt deposit Image: Keen Games via Polygon

When you reach the mines, you’re looking for the large, gray-white, cube-shaped deposits on the rock walls. With just a minute or so of work, you can walk away with 100 salt that will last you long time.

Enshrouded character looking at a grappling hook point to climb out of the salt mine and above the Shroud Image: Keen Games via Polygon

When you’re ready to leave, head south along the valley wall. You’ll find a structure there with two grappling hook points. Keep climbing up until you’re back out of the Shroud and can fast travel away.

What to use salt for in Enshrouded

Speak to the Hunter and craft a drying rack (10 wood logs and 6 string). Drop 1 animal fur and 3 salt into it, and you’ll get 1 dried fur. (You can also make dried purple berries at a drying rack — no salt required — that reduce the amount of healing you get, but extend the amount of time healing is active).

Dried fur can be used at the Hunter to make the Scout Set armor with a total of 16 dried fur, 13 bones, 21 string, and 2 resin. More importantly, you can also make the small backpack (3 torn cloth, 4 dried fur, and 5 string) that increases your inventory by 8 slots when you equip it in the Character menu.

For more Enshrouded guides, learn where to find torn cloth, where to find metal scraps, and how to make metal sheets.

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