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Where to find clay in Enshrouded

Find a lump of clay and build a kiln

Enshrouded player standing in front of a clay deposit Image: Keen Games via Polygon
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Clay is a resource you’ll need in Enshrouded after you’ve found the Carpenter. Once you’ve found him, you’ll unlock the kiln, but chances are that you haven’t found any of the (lumps of) clay you need for it.

Our Enshrouded guide will explain where to find clay and what you’ll use the resource for.

Where to find the Carpenter in Enshrouded

You won't need clay in Enshrouded until you’ve found the Carpenter as part of the “Carpentry Assistance” quest.

Enshrouded Carpenter location Image: Keen Games via Polygon

His Ancient Vault — Carpenter is a little east of the Cinder Vault and southwest of the Ancient Spire — Low Meadows Fast Travel tower.

Once you place him at your base with a summoning staff (1 twig), you’ll be able to interact with him and start making new items for you base.

Where to find clay in Enshrouded

Enshrouded clay deposit location Image: Keen Games via Polygon

The new workbench that the Carpenter gets you is the kiln, but you’ll need to find 10 lumps of clay for it first. A good place to start is the settlement of Diadwyn to the north. You’ll actually find clay deposits throughout the Revelwood biome, but Diadwyn is a good place to start. It’s almost straight north from the Ancient Spire — Springlands Fast Travel tower and west of the Ancient Spire — Revelwood Fast Travel tower.

You’ll find a large clay deposit (and a nearby copper deposit) to the northwest of the town.

Enshrouded player mining lumps of clay Image: Keen Games via Polygon

You’re looking for the orange-red (red-orange?) deposits along the cliffs around the settlement.

What to use clay for in Enshrouded

At the Carpenter, you’ll be able to use lumps of clay to make the kiln (50 stone, 10 lumps of clay, 10 metal scraps, 2 twigs). With that, though, you can turn 1 lump of clay and 1 wood log into a fired brick.

With 4 lumps of clay, 4 wood logs, and 10 fired bricks, you’ll be able to make a clay fireplace that provides more comfort than any of the stone ones. The Carpenter can also use lumps of clay to make a variety of decorative dishes and mugs for your base.

You can also use 10 lumps of clay and 5 wood logs to make the half-timbered block building material — it kind of looks like a Tudor-style wall. Fired bricks also give you the fired bricks block building material and the roof tiles roof material.

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