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Apple’s Invasion is basically This Is Us, but with aliens

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Maya and the Three’s weirdest-looking witch almost looked a lot weirder

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10 great shows from this year to finally catch up with

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The Halloween Countdown: 31 days of horror

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Warning’s relentlessly grim sci-fi plots all fumble toward a message about God

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Hayden Christensen is back as Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka for Disney Plus

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Dune, Old, and every other new movie you can stream at home this weekend

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The French Dispatch is Wes Anderson’s worst movie, but that’s no reason to skip it

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Everyone in Dune poops their pants

Netflix’s ‘animated event’ Maya and the Three is like nothing else in animation

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What’s inside that box in Dune?

Ron’s Gone Wrong is an Iron Giant story with a tech upgrade

Mythic Quest renewed for two more seasons

25 of the best movies on Netflix right now

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Why are characters’ eyes blue in Dune?

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A Dune sequel would be far stranger than Dune Part One

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Who are the Bene Gesserit of Dune?

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Dune’s weird little lip tattoo, and what it means

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The Dune guide

A deep dive into the characters, story, and world of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel

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Netflix’s star-packed Black Western The Harder They Fall is defiant but not deep

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Why Disney buried Runaway Brain, the monstrous Mickey short

The 1995 film was supposed to reinvigorate the Mouse, but now it’s kept under lock and key

Record-breaking Wonder Woman roller coaster coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain

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How to watch Dune on HBO Max

Lego’s Home Alone house set includes 4,000 pieces of bandit-stopping traps

The Best Michael Bay is back in the first Ambulance trailer

TikToker modifies woodshop robot to write out entire Shrek script for good of mankind

Uncharted, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, finally gets a trailer

Cowboy Bebop can’t ruin Vicious because Vicious sucks, actually

Netflix’s Night Teeth is a big, bloody casserole of vampire tropes

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Dune’s Rebecca Ferguson tried ‘Donald Duck sounds’ for her character’s mind-control voice

The Lord of the Rings hobbits are almost too hot to make sense

Vtuber plays WarioWare holding an entire GameCube console as controller

Netflix’s new horror series from the Train to Busan director arrives next month

Ruby Rose details Batwoman set’s abusive conditions, severe injuries

The Hayao Miyazaki museum exhibit transported me into Studio Ghibli’s worlds

Netflix’s new ‘most-watched’ metric is a win for Martin Scorsese and The Kissing Booth

Forget the battle royale genre, Mario Party is the real Squid Game

The first look at the Riverdale-Sabrina crossover event is absolutely bananas

Be very, very careful about where you buy your Squid Game costume this Halloween

DC dogs Krypto and Ace are getting their own game, apparently