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The Clerks III trailer completes the circle of meta that Kevin Smith started in 1994

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Christian Bale’s new movie Amsterdam stars everyone, including Taylor Swift

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Who is Kamran, the MCU’s newest superpowered kid?

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17 of the best summer-themed movies

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9 classic, steamy reads for teens to pass around the camp cabin

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The ‘GentleMinions’ trend, explained

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Netflix’s faux Whitney Houston movie Beauty should have gone for broke

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Stranger Things creators making live-action Death Note series for Netflix

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12 must-watch anime to look out for in the 2022 summer season

The best TV shows of 2022, so far

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s new teaser shows more of Middle-earth

Paper Girls’ first full trailer is a time-hopping trip

DC’s flagship Batman writer wants to know: ‘How essential is money to Batman?’

What you need to remember before watching Thor: Love and Thunder

The new Dragon Ball Super movie is a nostalgic tribute to the best anime dad ever

Solo Leveling anime trailer reveals 2023 release date

Everything we know about Stranger Things 5

Stranger Things will have shorter episodes in its final season

Thor: Love and Thunder sells out its characters for jokes

Stranger Things actor doesn’t think what happened to Eddie was fair — but it was ‘inspired’

The one horror homage that Vecna’s actor couldn’t quite fit in Stranger Things

7 movies about America to watch this Fourth of July

Joey King explains her ‘exhausting’ epic staircase fight in The Princess

You should watch Furie, the previous martial arts revenge thriller from The Princess director

The questions we have from Stranger Things 4

17 great movies new to streaming to watch in July 2022

8 movies to watch that are shorter than an episode of Stranger Things

The Princess, The Bad Guys, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

Everything Stranger Things has revealed about the Upside Down so far

Who dies in Stranger Things 4?

Max’s arc in Stranger Things 4 reveals one of the show’s greatest strengths (and weaknesses)

Disney’s Splash Mountain to be renamed Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

The Princess turns a familiar fairy-tale trope into a satisfying, indulgent kick-ass fantasy

New York by Night brings Vampire-themed actual play to the City That Never Sleeps

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Minions helped me revive an old friendship

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The Minions movies offer a master class on comedy-friendly evil

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What does a Minion taste like?

You might assume banana, but there’s so much more

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How Minions beat Disney at the copyright game

Minions are practically public domain — and that’s made them more popular and widespread than Mickey Mouse

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I have one eye and I must scream: A guided tour of Facebook’s Minion meme pages

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Minionpalooza: the rise of Minion Culture

How Minions went from Despicable Me to despicable memes

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