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All the Arcane season 2 news we’ve heard so far

Believe it! A live-action Naruto is on the way from the director of Shang-Chi

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Spaceman gave Adam Sandler a new skill: ‘I never cried in front of a tennis ball before’

Stopmotion director says his brand of animation is necromancy

Delicious in Dungeon’s delectable dishes, ranked

Netflix’s new Avatar prologue alters one of Aang’s best scenes

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The 25 best movies on Netflix right now

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Tenet is back in theaters — and it’s secretly a vibes-only Christopher Nolan masterpiece

Alan Cumming plays a character on Traitors, but season 2’s surprises snapped him back to reality

We need to talk about the bonkers backstories of Madame Web’s Spider-Women

The Halo TV series unceremoniously killed one of the games’ best characters

No one plays James Baldwin on screen, but Chris Chalk made it look easy

The live-action Sokka sexism issue is actually worse than you fear

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All the Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender season 2 news we’ve heard so far

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Jim Henson’s kids explain why Dark Crystal and Labyrinth would never get made today

And how The Jim Henson Company is still doing puppets in a CG-standard world

Netflix’s live-action Avatar isn’t the only Last Airbender project that’s on the way

Who had better Avatar villains: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra?

Dune 2 is every bit as great as the first movie promised it would be

The Borderlands movie looks surprisingly good and a lot like Borderlands

Rick’s Walking Dead spinoff, Netflix’s live-action Avatar, and more new TV this week

True Detective always secretly wished for a happy ending

Even True Detective: Night Country’s answers have mysteries

The best way to rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender is jumping right to season 2

Frank Herbert always thought Star Wars was a Dune ripoff

I have one big question about Madame Web’s villain Ezekiel (and a million small ones)

The best sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix this February

The best President’s Day deals

Oppenheimer, Thanksgiving on Netflix, The Iron Claw, and every new movie to watch this weekend

Watching all of the Pokémon anime is actually a streaming-era nightmare

Dune 2’s press tour is actually a Zendaya fashion simulator

Netflix is now streaming another incredible canceled show

Polygon’s Oral History of Final Fantasy 7 just got a second edition

The story behind Avatar’s bending designs still rules, nearly 20 years later

The best Suicide Squad stories across movies, TV, and comics

The Masters of the Air actors used Microsoft Flight Simulator to train for the show

Madame Web’s connections to Sony’s Spider-Man films are tenuous as spiderwebs

A Fantastic Four movie set in the past would be the best case scenario

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X-Men ‘97 finally gets a trailer and a March premiere, bub