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Lost in Space doesn’t deserve to be lost in Netflix’s catalog

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Every movie and show coming to Netflix in December

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Sizing up the 10 most popular things on Netflix right now

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A conversation with the guy who played Resident Evil’s iconic ‘Turnaround Zombie’ in the movie

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Game of Thrones: Dunk and Egg series gets a writer who may or may not follow George R.R. Martin’s ‘template’

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Every page in Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons is a flex

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Vikings: Valhalla is coming to Netflix this February

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Twitch star Ludwig is moving his stream to YouTube

The Simpsons, The Beatles: Get Back have again challenged Disney Plus’ censorship rules

Bone is still a miracle and a mystery to creator Jeff Smith

Channing Tatum is coming back for Magic Mike 3

Star Wars is better with no new movies coming out

Love Arcane? Here’s how to get into League of Legends lore

Spider-Man producer says No Way Home isn’t Marvel’s last Spider-Man movie

Red Notice is Netflix’s biggest movie of all time, says The Rock, rivaling Avengers: Endgame’s opening viewership

Robin Robin creators on radically, tenderly departing from Aardman’s Wallace & Gromit style

Encanto’s directors talk the movie’s big mystery

16 great movies leaving Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon at the end of November 2021

South Park: Post Covid jumps 40 years into the equally dumb future

Peter Jackson’s Beatles series Get Back is a feast for one particular kind of fan

Raging Fire and every new movie you can stream at home this weekend

Arcane is great TV even if you don’t care about League of Legends

Halle Berry’s Netflix movie Bruised triggers the usual Halle Berry Curse

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Zendaya talks her role in Dune Part 2, a movie Timothée Chalamet can’t wait to see

Black Panther #1 pushes Wakanda forward but rolls T’challa’s character back

Every James Bond movie is a story of its era

Listen to Hawkeye’s Rogers: The Musical song, and how Marvel pulled it off

The crowdpleasers we’re watching this Thanksgiving to please the crowds

Sonic, Pikachu, Eevee, and Baby Yoda headline 2021 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Watch the first trailer for the latest horror series with a confusing title

Arcane season 2 could head to one of these League of Legends locations

What’s next for Resident Evil movies after Welcome to Raccoon City

The best movies you can stream on Prime Video this month

Debating if The Lord of the Rings films are Thanksgiving movies or Christmas movies

Hellbound’s season 1 finale complicates what we know about the supernatural world

Hulk #1 wants Bruce Banner to terrify you

Andrew Garfield’s thoughts on grief will make you call your mother

The new Resident Evil movie finally embraces horror, but it should be trashier

Hawkeye’s unexpected new tech has a legacy in the comics

Obviously Hawkeye’s resident scumbag Jack is a whole thing in Marvel comics