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Project xCloud game streaming coming to PC in 2020, adding DualShock 4 support

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Frozen 2 breaks from Disney traditions, but still feels safe

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The Rock announces his Black Adam movie for December 2021

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The Disney animated movies that stuck with us

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Yes, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is for adults

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Keanu Reeves’ disembodied face stars in the newest SpongeBob movie

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Classic Simpsons episode featuring Michael Jackson missing from Disney Plus

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The story of Squirrel Girl, told by those who brought her to life

The best order to watch all of Star Wars based on your needs

Netflix has already renewed The Witcher for season 2

Bedknobs and Broomsticks isn’t just a Mary Poppins knock-off — it’s the better movie

Beskar, signets, and why armor is everything in The Mandalorian

Disney Plus won’t let you watch The Simpsons as it was meant to be seen

25 Disney Plus movies you should watch immediately

Yes, you can still get that Disney Plus bundle if you already subscribe to Hulu

The best part of the Disney Plus movie Noelle verges into Black Mirror territory

The live-action Lady and the Tramp feels like a theme-park version of real life 

The major Disney movies that are still trapped on Netflix

13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford lost Endgame scene resurfaces on Disney Plus

The end of The Mandalorian episode 1 reveals a big hole in Star Wars lore

The Mandalorian makes a promise it should keep

Lucasfilm changed Star Wars’ Han vs. Greedo scene again for Disney Plus

New Harley Quinn trailer is full of expletives aimed at DC heroes

The trick to navigating Disney Plus’ challenging menu

Here’s how Verizon’s free year of Disney Plus actually works

Disney Plus isn’t technically down, but good luck watching anything

New Sonic the Hedgehog trailer reveals the speedster’s redesign

When Marvel’s TV shows actually show up on Disney Plus

Making sense of the many Disney Plus subscription options

The Mandalorian has a bizarre rollout schedule

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The best animated movies of the decade

Despite controversy, banned Fortnite YouTuber won’t stop making videos

The first trailer for Fantasy Island gives the TV series a bloody reboot

The Hulk now has a plan to literally smash capitalism

The reason Alan Moore doesn’t want his name on HBO’s Watchmen

Hideo Kojima is the Adam Sandler of video games

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Your guide to Disney Plus shows, movies, pricing, news, and more

Every movie and show arriving to Disney Plus on day 1

Every way Morty ‘dies’ in the Rick and Morty season 4 premiere

Watchmen episode 4 revels in the mystery of Lady Trieu