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A Godzilla MonsterVerse series is coming to Apple TV Plus

GameStop meme stocks documentary hits theaters this week

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Pam & Tommy will show fake penis technology has come a long way

The Batman is nearly 3 hours long

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6 must-see anime to catch up on in 2022

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Marvel to debut a new Wakandan hero in Black Panther #3

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Get an exclusive look at DC’s next big crossover, War for Earth-3

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The ‘most popular’ anime in each US state confirms the world loves One Piece

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100 years ago, Nosferatu made vampire movie history out of a global catastrophe

New Wallace & Gromit on Netflix! New Wallace & Gromit on Netflix!

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The biggest action movies coming in 2022

25 of the best movies on Netflix right now

Shenmue gets new anime on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim

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WeCrashed kicks off a year of TV roasting rabid tech-bubble CEOs

Marvel Zombies board game eats through its crowdfunding goal

Have you ever considered that Tatooine kinda sucks

The Microsoft-Activision deal better not mean the Diablo Netflix show is canceled

Lady Whistledown comes in hot with new Bridgerton season 2 photos

Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings gets a revealing subtitle: The Rings of Power

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The key Walking Dead moments that’ll ready you for the final season

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will take on Frozen and break my mind in season three

Unfortunately, I loved the How I Met Your Father premiere 

Batman begins a tense, terrific new origin story from Daredevil scribe

The 2021 Anime Awards nominations are here

New Vikings: Valhalla teaser previews the blood, battles, and beards to come

The Boys animated series looks like a hyperviolent Nicktoon

Netflix’s The Cuphead Show! gets a manic trailer and timely release date

The Moon Knight trailer puts Oscar Isaac’s Marvel hero in costume and in action

Joss Whedon responds to Justice League accusations for the first time

Young Justice: Phantoms is modeling the best path through temporary superhero death

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Toradora went small where so much other anime might go big

The Expanse creators dig into a series ending still full of mystery

Wow, so Yellowjackets is really gonna do us like that

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s box office reign comes to Scream-ing halt

The men of Righteous Gemstones are becoming their true ugly selves

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10 years ago, The Raid broke me mentally — and almost physically

11 vampire movies to fill that Morbius-shaped hole in your heart

Netflix’s stop-motion nightmare The House goes to places you really can’t unsee

The end of Scream 5 is a zinger aimed at toxic fandom

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Letitia Wright returns to filming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the impossibly high-stakes Marvel movie