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Marvel’s Shang-Chi and Lady Deathstrike will team up this January

Alyssa Wong and Andie Tong are behind the new adventure

shang-chi Image: Marvel Comics

Legend of Shang-Chi, a new Shang-Chi one-shot from Marvel Comics, is on the way! Writer Alyssa Wong and artist Andie Tong have teamed up for the adventure, which sees the superhero Shang-Chi and Leiko Wu join forces to find a sword that devours people’s souls. To keep the weapon from falling into the wrong hands, they’ll have to steal it, but they have competition: Lady Deathstrike.

From Wong:

I’m stoked to write Shang-Chi! My first introduction to the character was in War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Gang Hyuk Lim. I think Shang-Chi’s super interesting: he’s a guy who goes toe-to-toe with superpowered metahumans every day, and his special ability is that he’s really, really good at martial arts. That’s it. But that’s all he needs; he’s fast, acrobatic, and literally the best at what he does. I feel like Shang-Chi radiates Good Older Brother energy. He’ll protect you AND buy you snacks afterward. What else do you really need?

For this adventure, I wanted to pit Shang-Chi against a villain with an equally agile, physical fighting style. Lady Deathstrike seemed like a natural choice. She’s got adamantium claws and an iron will. In the past, she’s faced off against Wolverine (many times!) and even been a reluctant hero. She’s a lot of fun. Lady Deathstrike is someone who can hold her own against Shang-Chi; if he wants to beat her, he’ll have to get creative.

Legend of Shang-Chi #1 will hit shelves in January of 2021. In the meanwhile, take a look at the cover below:

shang-chi Image: Marvel Comics

Here’s the official summary, from Marvel:

Deadly Hands vs. Deadly Blades!

• Someone has been stealing artifacts of WMD potential.

• It’s up to Shang-Chi to find this person and stop them.

• But is he prepared to go toe-to-toe with Lady Deathstrike?!

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