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Walton Goggins yeehaws in the exclusive trailer premiere for John Bronco

The mockumentary will hit Hulu on Oct. 15

It’s Bronco time.

Imagine Documentaries’ new mockumentary John Bronco, which stars Walton Goggins as a legendary pitchman named John Bronco, finally has a release date, as well as a brand new trailer, premiering exclusively on Polygon.

The new trailer gives us a clear look at Bronco’s charm and charisma as Goggins yeehaws and winks through TV interviews, before revealing the film’s central mystery. Bronco has disappeared, prompting vigils, tributes, and a rise to mythic status akin to Bigfoot. Of Bronco’s most famous campaign, Tim Meadows asks, “How many people do you know that have a car named after them?”

If you want to join in the search for John Bronco, there’s an ARG element to the film available at, where visitors are prompted to record any sightings of Bronco and use the hashtag #WhereIsJohnBronco on social media.

The film, directed by Jake Szymanski (7 Days in Hell, Tour de Pharmacy) and produced by Marc Gilbar, Meredith Kaulfers, Rebecca Donaghe, and Maggie McLean, is a collaboration between Imagine Documentaries and Gifted Youth and inspired by the Bronco’s return in 2021.

John Bronco will debut on Hulu on Oct. 15.

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