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Of course Animal Crossing fans are trying to bring Netflix’s Tiger King into the game

The two big things of the moment come together

a tiger sits on a rock next to a man
The so-called Tiger King.
Image: JoeExoticTV

Almost as soon as Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released, players began using the game’s various items and photo options to re-create moments from movies like The Lighthouse and Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Perhaps it was inevitable, then, that the Netflix documentary Tiger King, which has been a hit since its debut on March 20, would also find its way into the video game world.

Players have been paying tribute to the series — which focuses on a former zoo operator and big cat breeder called Joe Exotic — by dressing their avatars up as people featured in the documentary, or putting the subjects’ faces on boards and other customizable items.

Favorite items to show off Tiger King fandom (besides custom designs) have been the paper tiger and the tiger-face tee dress, which has made some players joke that the characters in the game may have been binging Netflix, too.

If you’re interested in further spicing up your Animal Crossing island, you can create your own Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin patterns, and share them with the community.

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