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san diego comic-con

SDCC 2020

All the news, trailers, announcements, and streaming panels

Each July, comic, movie, TV, and cosplay fans descend upon southern California for the annual San Diego Comic-Con — or they did until this year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of SDCC 2020 has been moved online, in the form of livestream panels airing on YouTube, Twitter, and wherever video players can be found. The event is still packing in high-profile, talent-filled panels worthy of Hall H, including new looks at Star Trek spinoffs, Amazon’s The Boys season 2, Adventure Time, Marvel and DC comics, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Magic: The Gathering, and Hulu’s new Marvel series Hellstrom. Though it’s being conducted entirely in the Zoom style that many of us have grown accustomed to during quarantine, Comic-Con still promises to offer fans loads of news, announcements, cheeky interviews, and celebration.

Last year, Polygon joined the masses on the ground at SDCC, running from Ballroom 20 to Hall H to the labyrinth of small panel halls to our own event, where we interviewed Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and Genndy Tartakovsky of Samurai Jack and Primal fame. While we’re saddened not to be there in person in 2020, our goal is to still cover the event like nothing’s changed, bringing you all the trailers, breaking news, and even info on where and when to watch the individual panels. Follow along all weekend for updates.