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Tituss Burgess is bringing a karaoke competition to Netflix

Watch the trailer for the new series Sing On!

Since going out and doing karaoke with friends is no longer an option, why not settle for the next-best thing: watching Tituss Burgess host a karaoke competition on Netflix.

Each episode of the new series Sing On! will revolve around one genre of music, and all six contestants will perform the same song. The catch is that they’ll have randomly assigned lyrics, and they’ll be judged by a vocal analyzer rather than a human judge to see how well they nail the notes. The most accurate singer will move onto the next round, with the other five contestants voting one player out. And with each round, the stakes will get higher — totaling up to $60,000 — depending on how accurately the singers perform their lines.

If that sounds confusing, give the trailer a look, as it shows off the meter used to judge how well singers are doing, and how the randomly assigned lyrics work.

The series is eight half-hour episodes, and features new contestants each time. Sing On! will debut on Netflix on Sept. 16.

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