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John C. Reilly, Tim Heidecker, and Fred Armisen go stir-crazy in the Moonbase 8 trailer

The trio star as incompetent astronauts

Showtime and A24 have just released a first look at the upcoming comedy series Moonbase 8, which sounds like a mix between Spaceship Earth and Netflix’s Space Force.

Astronauts Cap (John C. Reilly), Rook (Tim Heidecker), and Skip (Fred Armisen) are desperate to qualify for their first lunar mission. In order to prove themselves, they’re assigned to complete their training at the Moon Base Simulator in Winslow, Arizona, and prove that they’re made of the right stuff to go to the moon and back. However, being stuck on a base together is more of a trial than they anticipated.

The new teaser of the series, directed by Jonathan Krisel and co-written by Krisel and Heidecker, shows off some trying moments on the base, including Cap pointing a gun at an unawares Skip. It’s an exaggerated version of stir craziness, though Jana Winograde, president of entertainment at Showtime Networks, noted that the show seemed appropriate for “a year when we have all been forced to come to terms with life in close quarters.”

The series, which will run for six episodes, doesn’t yet have a set premiere date, though the trailer promises that it will be coming soon.

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