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Polygon at NYCC 2020

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Check out Polygon’s exclusive new look at Star Wars: The High Republic

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This year’s New York Comic Con looks a little different. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of NYCC 2020 has been moved online, in an event now dubbed “The Metaverse.”

That hasn’t stifled a line-up of strong panels. This year’s slate includes new looks at Hulu’s Marvel series Helstrom and MODOK, the reboot of Animaniacs, three different Walking Dead series, and Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of the Grishaverse. That’s on top of the reunions set for everything from Smallville to Lost.

And this year, Polygon is getting in on the action. We’ve programmed five unique panels for the YouTube-ready Metaverse, including a peek at Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming Monster Hunter movie, a look at the rise of Fall Guys as a go-to party game, a discussion between the Avengers of video-essay-making, an in-depth conversation with the creators of the upcoming saga Star Wars: The High Republic, and an Overwatch-like playthrough of Adult Swim’s new D&D 5th Edition expansion based on the animated series Tigtone.

We’ve got all your coverage of the online NYCC — find it all here when the panels begin to premiere on Oct. 8.