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Shazam 2, 80 for Brady, Netflix’s Chupa, and every other movie you can stream from home this weekend

The latest DC superhero blockbuster is now available for home viewing

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Shazam and his superhero family stand on a burning bridge looking at a threat offscreen in Fury of the Gods Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

We’re getting closer and closer to summer movie season. There are tons of exciting movies coming out over the rest of 2023, but first — there are plenty of new releases debuting at home this week.

The big-ticket items are Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the superhero sequel making its VOD debut before eventually heading to HBO Max; the Adam Driver sci-fi movie 65, also coming to VOD; and 80 for Brady, now on Paramount Plus. But that’s not all! The highest-budget Czech movie of all time comes to Hulu (and it’s pretty good), the splatterfest Terrifier 2 comes to Prime Video, and there are plenty other options for you to check out this weekend.

Here are all the new movies available to watch at home.

New on Netflix


Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

(L-R) Evan Whitten as Alex, a young boy who sits opposite of a strange furry animal in Chupa Image: Netflix

Genre: Fantasy adventure
Run time: 1h 35m
Director: Jonás Cuarón
Cast: Demián Bichir, Christian Slater, Evan Whitten

Director Jonás Cuarón co-wrote Gravity with his father Alonso, and made his feature directorial debut in 2015 with the border-crossing thriller Desierto. He returns with Chupa, a movie about a young boy who finds a chupacabra at his grandfather’s house and befriends the creature.

Holy Spider

Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

A woman (Zar Amir Ebrahimi) wearing a head scarf and standing in a darkened alleyway at night. Image: Utopia

Genre: Crime thriller
Run time: 1h 58m
Director: Ali Abbasi
Cast: Mehdi Bajestani, Zar Amir-Ebrahimi

Inspired by the true story of Iranian serial killer Saeed Hanaei, this crime thriller follows Arezoo Rahimi (Zar Amir-Ebrahimi), a journalist who descends into the underworld of Mashhad on a quest to hunt down a serial murderer targeting sex workers throughout the city. Holy Spider explores topics of sexual violence, cultural misogyny, and institutional incompetence.

New on Hulu


Where to watch: Available to stream on Hulu

A man with a bloodied scarf over his left eye (Ben Foster) in medieval armor clashes swords with an armored opponent with a young woman looking on in the background. Image: Paramount Home Entertainment

Genre: Historical drama
Run time: 2h 5m
Director: Petr Jákl
Cast: Ben Foster, Michael Caine, Til Schweiger

The biggest-budget movie in the history of Czech cinema, Medieval tells the story of the legendary military figure Jan Žižka (Ben Foster). A gritty and violent medieval military drama, this one is filled with court intrigue, military strategy, and gruesome fights.

New on Prime Video

Terrifier 2

Where to watch: Available to stream on Prime Video

A young woman standing at the counter of a Halloween decoration store with a leering man in black and white clown makeup squeaking a horn in her ear. Image: Bloody Disgusting

Genre: Horror
Run time: 2h 18m
Director: Damien Leone
Cast: Lauren LaVera, Elliott Fullam, Sarah Voigt

The sequel to Damien Leone’s 2016 splatter-slasher film features the return of Art the Killer Clown. After being resurrected by an unknown, sinister entity following the massacre in the previous film, Art once again embarks on a rampage to terrorize the hapless citizens of Miles County on Halloween night, this time targeting a teenage girl and her younger brother.

From our review:

By behaving as an entertainer, Art the Clown embraces the artifice of a genre built on constantly one-upping itself through elaborate death scenes and detailed effects. Terrifier doesn’t have the “you are there” immediacy of a found-footage movie designed to approximate a snuff film. Instead, it creates a distance from the audience by positioning its violence as performative. It makes all that brutality more palatable than it might have been otherwise. In their handmade effects and their evocation of iconic slashers, the Terrifier films let horror fans indulge in the warm comfort of nostalgia while still playing to our latent desire for the thrill of a film that’s able to pull the blood-soaked rug out from under us.

On a Wing and a Prayer

Where to watch: Available to stream on Prime Video

(L-R) Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham seated behind the controls of a plane in On a Wing and a Prayer. Image: MGM

Genre: Survival drama
Run time: 1h 42m
Director: Sean McNamara
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Heather Graham, Jesse Metcalfe

Dennis Quaid (The Day After Tomorrow) and Heather Graham (Boogie Nights) star in this survival drama as Doug White, a 56-year-old pharmacist, and his wife, Terri. Doug and his family charter a private plane to fly them back to Louisiana to attend his brother’s funeral on Easter Sunday, but when their pilot suffers from a heart attack mid-flight, Doug and Terri will have to commandeer the controls and devise a plan to safely land.

New on Paramount Plus

80 for Brady

Where to watch: Available to stream on Paramount Plus

Photo: Scott Garfield/Paramount Pictures

Genre: Sports comedy
Run time: 1h 38m
Director: Kyle Marvin
Cast: Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno

Based on a true story, this film stars four lifelong friends who win a trip to attend the 2017 Super Bowl in person and meet their hero: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Brady himself executive produced and stars in 80 for Brady, alongside Lily Tomlin (9 to 5), Jane Fonda (Klute), Rita Moreno (West Side Story), and Sally Field (Forrest Gump).

New on Peacock

Praise This

Where to watch: Available to stream on Peacock

Chloe Bailey and Anjelika Washington hold roses and wear yellow-collared shirts in Praise This. Image: Universal Pictures

Genre: Musical comedy
Run time: 1h 37m
Director: Tina Gordon
Cast: Chloe Bailey, Anjelika Washington, Tristan Mack Wilds

This youth choir comedy from Drumline and What Men Want screenwriter Tina Gordon follows a music competition between choirs. Swarm star and singer Chloe Bailey stars, along with Anjelika Washington (Stargirl) and Migos’ Quavo.

Of an Age

Where to watch: Available to stream on Peacock

A young man (Thom Green) in a white sleeveless shirt hugs another young man (Elias Anton) in a yellow shirt from behind while staring out at a darkened sky with a powerline tower visibly in the distance. Photo: Thuy Vy/Focus Features

Genre: Romance drama
Run time: 1h 40m
Director: Goran Stolevski
Cast: Thom Green, Elias Anton, Hattie Hook

This romance drama follows Nikola “Kol” Denic (Elias Anton), a Serbian immigrant in Australia and aspiring ballroom dancer who strikes up an abrupt yet intense love affair with Adam (Thom Green), the brother of Kol’s ballroom dance partner, Ebony (Hattie Hook). Reunited several years later, the two search their feelings as they attempt to make sense of the time they spent apart and of what exactly they mean to one another.

New on Fandor

Country Gold

Where to watch: Available to stream on Fandor

A man in a cowboy hat holds a phone with a cord to his ear in a black and white image, with a person next to him drinking out of a glass. Image: Cinedigm Entertainment Group

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 1h 24m
Director: Mickey Reece
Cast: Mickey Reece, Ben Hall

This black-and-white comedy comes from indie filmmaker Mickey Reece, who stars as an burgeoning country music star in 1994 Nashville. While there, he meets a country legend (Ben Hall), who is planning on getting cryogenically frozen the next day. From there, things get surreal. After touring the festival circuit, it is finally available to watch at home.

New on VOD

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Where to watch: Available to rent for $19.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

Zachary Levi as Shazam in Shazam! Fury of the Gods standing with the rest of his superhero family Image: Warner Bros.

Genre: Superhero action
Run time: 2h 10m
Director: David F. Sandberg
Cast: Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Grace Caroline Currey

Billy Batson (Asher Angel) and his foster siblings return in the sequel to David F. Sandberg’s 2019 superhero film Shazam! as the eponymous superpowered demigod (Zachary Levi) and his “Shazamily” of mythically empowered superheroes. When Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Kalypso (Lucy Liu), the progeny of the mighty Titan Atlas, steal a powerful magic item as part of their plot to conquer humanity, Shazam and his siblings will face challenges and revelations that will stress the bonds of family and force them to confront the question of what it means to be a hero.


Where to watch: Available to rent for $19.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

Adam Driver looks disheveled and holds a futuristic gun in 65 Image: Sony Pictures Releasing

Genre: Sci-fi thriller
Run time: 1h 33m
Director: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods
Cast: Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman

Adam Driver (Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi) stars in this original sci-fi action thriller as Mills, a space pilot whose ship crash-lands on an alien planet while transporting a group of passengers suspended in cryogenic sleep. There are several twists in this movie, the most pertinent of which is this: The planet is none other than Earth — 65 million years in the past. In order to survive, Mills must journey across this prehistoric world with the only surviving passenger (Ariana Greenblatt) to find the ship’s only remaining escape pod, all while fending off the planet’s terrifying apex predators.


Where to watch: Available to rent for $19.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

A naked, disheveled man in boxer briefs (Willem Dafoe) sits cross legged in front of a glass table in a darkened living room with light pouring in from a window offscreen in Inside. Image: Focus Features

Genre: Psychological thriller
Run time: 1h 45m
Director: Vasilis Katsoupis
Cast: Willem Dafoe, Gene Bervoets, Eliza Stuyck

Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man, The Lighthouse) stars in this psychological thriller as a high-end art thief who finds himself trapped in a New York penthouse mid-robbery. With no way to contact the outside world and running low on food, he’ll have to devise a way to escape to safety or risk coming undone by his own madness.

The Amazing Maurice

Where to watch: Available to rent for $4.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

(L-R) An orange and white cat (Hugh Laurie) and a young man in a purple hoodie (Himesh Patel) stare with their mouths agape in a kitchen in The Amazing Maurice. Image: Viva Pictures

Genre: Fantasy comedy
Run time: 1h 33m
Director: Toby Genkel
Cast: Hugh Laurie, Emilia Clarke, David Thewlis

An animated adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s children’s novel, The Amazing Maurice stars Hugh Laurie as a talking cat who pulls scams (with the cooperation of a group of rats) on nearby towns. Emilia Clarke is Malicia, the mayor’s daughter, who joins up with Maurice and his rag-tag crew. The sprawling voice cast also includes Himesh Patel, David Tennant, and Gemma Arterton.

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