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Oscar Isaac is hearing voices in the first Disney Plus teaser for Moon Knight

The former Poe Dameron is now one of Marvel’s most troubled heroes

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Moon Knight crouches on the ground in his trailer Image: Marvel Studios

It’s time for your first look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s darkest hero yet. For Disney Plus Day, the streamer is showing off a number of its forthcoming MCU TV shows, including Moon Knight, which stars Oscar Issac in what might be the most grim and heady Marvel Studios venture thus far.

In the brief teaser, currently airing only on the Disney Plus platform, Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) is having trouble telling the difference between his waking life and his dreams, and both seem rather violent. Spector — who seems like he’s speaking in two different voices — looks haunted, with his reflection in a mirror moving independently of him, and appearing confused in the aftermath of a fight he doesn’t seem to know he was in.

Oscar Isaac hearing voices as Moon Knight Image: Marvel Studios

Because it’s a teaser, we don’t get a clear look at his costumed alter ego — just a wild leap across a city skyline in the distance, a violent beatdown at the far end of the hallway, and the prerequisite three-point landing, with the frame cutting off our view from the waist up — but the show does seem like it’s going for an extremely faithful interpretation of the character. (Sharp-eyed viewers will notice a scene where Spector might also be in the three-piece suit of the “Mr. Knight” alter ego from Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s brief but acclaimed 2014 run.)

Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Marc Spector/Moon Knight is a veteran with Dissociative Identity Disorder who becomes the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu after a near-death experience. He’s kind of like Batman, but because of his condition and supernatural ties, Spector’s mental health is as much of a driving force in his stories as is vigilantism. That the Disney Plus series doesn’t seem to be shying away from this makes it interesting — this isn’t just another Daredevil, it’s potentially a meaty six-episode series about a troubled character that really doesn’t have an equivalent in the MCU yet.

Moon Knight is coming to Disney Plus in 2022.

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