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Ted Lasso goes claymation for the holidays

Ted and friends learn to appreciate the imperfections that come with the holidays

Ted Lasso may have tempted fate in its second season when it released a Christmas episode in August, but it’s not above pushing the envelope with a second out-of-timeline Christmas special. The latest is just a short on the Apple TV Youtube channel, but in the grand tradition of the holiday, it’s rendered completely in claymation.

In the four-minute short, dubbed “The Missing Christmas Mustache,” Ted (Jason Sudeikis) is on the hunt for his missing mustache, which he needs to ensure his son can recognize him on their holiday FaceTime. His coworkers each provide their own attempted solution — mustache trap, makeup, eyebrow replacements — but will they be able to get the ’stache back in time?

Given that Nate (Nick Mohammed) is eager to jump into action and help Ted, it seems safe to say that this Christmas episode is not canonical — especially since the other Christmas episode already showed us both Ted’s call with his son and how Rebecca helped him find a community on the holiday.

But that doesn’t mean the reigning “Best Comedy” isn’t once again making a play for your heartstrings. Without spoiling too much, the claymation short aims to remind us all that even if the holidays fall short of expectations, it’s more important to just be together. Also there’s something in here about being a “straight, white, cisgender male version of the Grinch”? Either way, it’s a little Yuletide treat for Lasso fans while they wait for season 3.

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