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Suicide Squad anime movie from Attack on Titan studio looks absolutely twisted

Dude look at this, it’s so dang twisted

What could be more twisted than the Suicide Squad? How about an anime Suicide Squad? Not enough for you? How about an anime Suicide Squad made by Wit Studio, the macabre legends that made Attack on Titan a hit?

Suicide Squad Isekai will bring Wit’s signature penchant for making the unpleasant look cool as hell to DC’s marquee band of criminals, giving Joker, Harley Quinn, and others an anime makeover. Plot details are scant, but the Isekai title suggests some kind of portal fantasy — unless the title is just, like “Elseworlds,” meant to signal that these are new takes on the characters not beholden to any prior continuity.

Even with just a 40-second teaser out there, Suicide Squad Isekai is worth getting hyped for. Batman Ninja, another anime take on DC Comics, is one the best DC animated films in recent memory, another portal fantasy that sends Batman and his villains into a over-the-top version of Sengoku-era Japan. It’s a great time, and absolutely worth watching while you wait for this one.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on how long that will be, as no release date was disclosed alongside the teaser. That’s the most twisted thing about all this.

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