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The startling story behind Hatching’s horrifying puppet-monster

Director Hannah Bergholm explains how she pulled talent from Star Wars and The Dark Knight for a tiny horror debut

Chip ’n Dale: Rescue Rangers’ tiniest Easter egg salutes the show’s creator

20 championship-worthy sports movies you can watch at home

Belle, RRR, Morbius, and more new movies you can watch at home this weekend

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series returns in July, has Corbin Bleu

Breaking down Love, Death & Robots season 3 by the amounts of love, death, and robots

The latest Ms. Marvel trailer gives its hero her own Spider-Man moment

Three Thousand Years of Longing trailer brings George Miller back to the movies

Queer love story Heartstopper is getting two more seasons

Chip ’n Dale: Rescue Rangers director says landing his ‘Ugly Sonic’ cameo was rough

You can now watch the first 8 minutes of Stranger Things season 4

Stranger Things season 4 part 2 will only include 2 episodes, but will still be pretty long

Stranger Things season 4 spoilers come from an unlikely source: Monopoly

What to know about Stranger Things season 3 before season 4 part 1 hits

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show, ranked

A new Daredevil series is coming to Disney Plus

The Innocents is the creepiest Stephen King movie that King didn’t write

Alex Garland on how Attack on Titan shaped his horror movie Men: ‘I’ve got to run faster’

Riverdale ending with season 7

Urusei Yatsura’s first teaser re-introduces an ’80s anime icon to modern audiences

Vampire in the Garden is a beautiful but anemic horror romance

The Umbrella Academy enters the multiverse in the first trailer for season 3

DC’s Wonder Twins movie deactivated

The Halo series never cared about aliens, and so it never got weird

Surprise! You can now watch an episode of the new Love, Death & Robots season for free

Doraemon became a cultural icon by mastering every genre

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Does Multiverse of Madness prove there’s a hell in the MCU? The writer explains

Mephisto fans, your moment is finally arriving

The best movies you can stream on Prime Video this month

First episode of new Pokémon anime series is a thrilling call to adventure

Rick and Morty is getting a new anime spinoff series

New She-Hulk trailer flexes muscles, jokes

Every Star Wars movie and TV release set for 2022 and beyond

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