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Here’s how the new Fortnite Champion Series will work for season X

How to watch Apex Legends’ X Games tournament: streams and schedule

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Cheering into the void: the hardships of being a small region’s fan

Six teams to watch in Overwatch League stage 4

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Echo Fox to sell LCS slot, following shareholder controversy

How the Shanghai Dragons flipped from 0-40 to beating the Overwatch League’s best teams

Overwatch is getting a new role queue system for ranked — and pro play

Red Bull announces World of Warcraft Race to World First event

World of Warcraft’s Race to World First raids are undergoing an ownership controversy

Esports events are focusing on the offline side — here’s why

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Team Liquid reveals Marvel partnership with Avengers esports jerseys

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Rift Rivals 2019 NA vs EU: schedule, streams, and more

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LCS players design their ideal League of Legends champions

Streamer Airwaks and musician RL Grime win second annual Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am

Immortals Gaming acquires Infinite Esports parent company of OpTic Gaming and Houston Outlaws

Underage Fortnite pro won’t receive prize money for violating tournament rules

Where to watch Friday Fortnite: streams and schedule

The last week of Fortnite’s World Cup Qualifier has been rescheduled

Banned Fortnite cheaters make it into $30M tournament anyway

Friday Fortnite is back, here’s who is competing and how you can watch

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League of Legends LCS 2019 Summer Split: Schedule, streams, and format

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Riot’s new Pro View will let you watch favorite LCS or LEC players all game

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League of Legends esport passes will give players extra missions and special loot

Riot Games forces Echo Fox to take action regarding alleged racist abuse

Here are all the players for the 2019 Fortnite celebrity Pro-Am

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The Overwatch League season 2 Grand Finals will be held in Philadelphia

As esports advances, teams look past the trophies and competition

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Mid-Season Invitational 2019 Play-Ins: Schedule, format, and more

Rick Fox reportedly quitting his esports company, alleging racist abuse

Fan assaults top Smash Bros. player with crab at tournament

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Impact and CoreJJ interview: CoreJJ doesn’t need any genie lamp wishes

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Doublelift and Xmithie interview: SpongeBob memes, genie lamps, and more