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Why the Overwatch League is over

Valorant fans troll Elon Musk, chant ‘Bring back Twitter’ at tournament

Riot delays, and threatens to cancel, League of Legends’ NA esports season amid player walkout

The first Street Fighter 6 world champion will win $1 million

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Overwatch 2 coach says gameplay isn’t the key — it’s ‘how you are as a person’

Smash World Tour organizers blame Nintendo for championship’s sudden shutdown

League of Legends might become a little easier — and that’s great

Lil Nas X’s new League of Legends anthem Star Walkin’ comes with a mecha music video

Lil Nas X will perform this year’s League of Legends Worlds anthem, design a new skin

American Vandal makers take on League of Legends in esports spoof

League of Legends has a new song and animated hype video for Worlds 2021

Candy Crush is now a hardcore esport for pro gamers

Kellogg’s pulls Overwatch sponsorship over ‘troubling’ Blizzard allegations

Dota 2’s The International 10 tournament has been moved to a new country

Fighting games’ favorite furry SonicFox gets their own plush

Valorant reaches 14M players per month

Some high schools will get varsity Smash and Splatoon 2 this fall

Riot suspends Valorant pro Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won following sexual assault investigation

Overwatch pro describes ‘terrifying’ anti-Asian racism in Dallas

Sony acquires Evo fighting games championship series

Hockey fans fight serious lag to play NHL ’94 on a stadium scoreboard

NBA player and FaZe Clan investor suspended after slur on livestream

‘The Yard’ is Madden’s esports league’s first team-up event

Valheim fans have created the game’s first big PvP tournament

Fans say Nintendo canceled tourney over Smash Bros. protest

Overwatch pro player Geguri leaves the Shanghai Dragons

How Riot created the virtual universe of the 2020 League of Legends World Championships

TSM signed one of the biggest chess streamers on Twitch

Watch Call of Duty esports for a shot at Black Ops Cold War beta keys

Typing is esports, and my arms are very sore

League of Legends’ 2020 World Championship is still happening in Shanghai

Riot Games ends Saudi Arabia’s Neom partnership following controversy

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