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Young Justice: Phantoms is modeling the best path through temporary superhero death

The end of Scream 5 is a zinger aimed at toxic fandom

Station Eleven found a silver lining in the post-apocalypse

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The underrated Attack of the Clones has never been more vital to Star Wars

The Witcher’s Geralt has ascended to the TV dad pantheon

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2021 was an even wilder year than usual for Nicolas Cage

Harry Potter’s Return to Hogwarts special isn’t about nostalgia — it’s about rebranding

The last great moment in the Harry Potter fandom

Yellowjackets better not break my heart like Lost

Before Your Eyes tells a brilliant story about regret, our legacies, and the afterlife

Why are New Year’s Eve movies such a thing?

Placement games were 2021’s most calming trend

Disney’s Encanto isn’t just about representation — it’s an act of defiance

The Witcher aired its best ever episode in season 2

Black Mirror is the perfect Christmas watch

Looking back at MTV’s wild attempt to give Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man a multiverse

I was a teenage transgender supersoldier

Inscryption is the best video game of 2021

Aggretsuko season 4 should inspire everyone to unionize their workplace 

Halo Infinite fulfills promises that were two decades in the making

Metroid Dread gives Samus new power — and new humanity

Dear Animal Crossing villagers: Get out of my house

Succession and On Cinema show how sad media’s ‘alpha males’ are

Wildermyth is the video game miracle of 2021

Amazon’s Wheel of Time isn’t interested in Robert Jordan’s gender binary

The best Marvel comic of 2021 was Immortal Hulk

The best DC comic of 2021 was Rorschach

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‘The little Banshee driver’: A 10-year-old girl’s quest for kills in Halo 2 on Xbox Live

Encanto finally nails Disney’s villain-free formula

Pen15’s final season is a punch to the throat

The success of MrBeast’s Squid Game is its own dystopia

Always Sunny’s movie parodies are also The Gang’s ultimate delusions