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If you liked Deathloop, you should read The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Behold this city builder starring super-intelligent beavers

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20 years later, Wario Land 4’s sound room still haunts me

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I was institutionalized as a teen, and Wario was my only friend

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has radically reshaped the Fast & Furious franchise

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Dune’s big surprise: Denis Villeneuve’s clear, sharp approach

The Lord of the Rings movies invented orc restaurants, in a classic fantasy pitfall

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Respecting retro game constraints in the age of remakes

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Playing games on my ancient TV connects me to the present

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The Good Fight is the Star Trek of legal dramas

Big ideas, reckless abandon, and the perfect crew

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The end of the Evangelion experiment

Grappling with the arc of Shinji Ikari, and creator Hideaki Anno’s Rebuild journey

The Green Knight doesn’t have to discuss race to make its racial messages clear

Explaining Hunter x Hunter’s wildest arc is a rite of passage

It’s OK to be horny for the villain

The Great Ace Attorney takes aim at the British Empire but doesn’t pull the trigger

The Green Knight’s sensuality comes with a sharp warning about selfish sex

Destiny 2’s story is heating up with a compelling political allegory

Space Jam: A New Legacy runs on video game logic, in every way

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Black Widow shows why the MCU’s closure problem is so crucial

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It took me two years and 300 hours to beat Sekiro

I got gud

I finally beat FF7 and somehow didn’t know its biggest spoiler

Looney Tunes movies have been warped by the humor they helped spawn

Loki is as queer as Disney’s ever been — that’s just math

Bring on the slow, thoughtful, long-arc version of Loki

Skyward Sword HD proves we didn’t need a generation of motion controls

I Think You Should Leave’s simple surrealism will save us all

Queer readings of The Lord of the Rings are not accidents

Bo Burnham begs for our parasocial awareness

How autism powers my D&D

Time-travel cops are almost always big stinky jerks

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, Yuffie is the anti-Cloud

Loki’s first episode finds a startling new way to create sympathy for the devil